• I’m Jess!

    LIFE. PASSION. ADVENTURE. JOY. Standing beneath streams of golden light, he’s telling you a secret, your arms are wrapped around his neck and that secret results in a burst of wide open LAUGHTER. This is my goal as a photographer, to constantly seek moments of beauty in light, color and emotion......to capture your colorful life.

    As a result of my love for people and art, I graduated from Sonoma State in 1993 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in ART. Living with my husband in Northern California, we’re recent empty nesters, resulting in two over-indulged, naughty hound dogs who enjoy running our show.

    Tell me about yourself... Are you a hard-working mama, putting everyone before yourself and needing a reminder of who you are; a little glimpse back into that inner SPARKLE? Perhaps you have a vision your family cuddled up on a blanket in a grassy, sun dappled field, knowing these moments together are so, so fleeting, wanting to remember things that are SIMPLE and pure. Are you starting your new life with THE ONE that gets your heart beating fast, who will one day know you to your core and be your biggest fan anyway? Write me a little note, share your vision and together we’ll help you REMEMBER. DISCOVER. CAPTURE.

2016 was a big travel year for us. We work hard so we can play hard and we pulled out the stops in celebration of our 25 years together.

Sailing is my husband’s passion and he has us signed up on a crew list called Latitude38.  I describe it as a ‘dating site for sailors’. It’s been a dream of Jim’s to sail the Baja Ha Ha which typically starts in San Diego and ends in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a group of sailors all boating down together at the end of October.  I chose our last adventure –BALI– so it was his turn to plan our next destination. He connected with Jules and Jeff through the sailing site who are currently sailing/living on the El Gato, an amazing catamaran in Ensenada. They needed to get their beautiful boat down to Mazatlan and enlisted our help.  Of course it’s a little unnerving meeting up with complete strangers and agreeing to spend 3 weeks in tight quarters so we did a little meet and greet for a few days before hand to see if we were a good match. (.. like a coffee date before agreeing to dinner haha) Getting there was similar to the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”;  flying to San Diego, driving to the border, walking across said border, taking a bus to the boat.  It does seem like a strange way to make friends and travel buddies but when it works- it works. Jeff and Jules- Jim and Jess… or as we call ourselves #jcruise (along with adorable Roxy and Chance the lovable doggies) were a great match agreeing on most things relating to sailing and also politically which given our political climate, was important to all of us.

We enjoyed deserted beaches, amazing sunsets, fishing and the resulting ceviche, dolphin brigades, sunshine and laughter. The sturdy ‘El Gato’ carried us over 900 nautical miles in about 3 weeks. We dressed up for Halloween, an impromptu 80’s day and spent time kayaking, shell collecting and reading. Nothing like being completely ‘unplugged’ in the middle of the ocean to get me through a stack of books.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to make new friends, see new places and have a grand adventure. We look forward to future sailing endeavors with #jcruise!

Sailing and adventure buddies… #jcruise

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What is is about ringing in a New Year that just makes anything and everything feel possible?   January- the shortest, coldest days where that calendar flips to 1 and just sitting under my cozy blankets watching the rain, invites reflection and resolution making. Except I’m not a big resolution maker and realized that specific resolves just don’t seem to work for me. I STILL haven’t figured out how to eliminate a certain word from my vocabulary and I’ve tried: snapping my wrists with rubber bands,  a ‘swear jar’ and I’ve tried replacing it with ‘fudgey fudge’ and ‘fluffer’. 14 years of resolving and I’m still saying it. What the bleep!? So this year, I resolve to give up trying to give it up… maybe that will work? Instead in 2017 I want to focus on something I can incorporate more of instead of something to eliminate.  KINDNESS. Kindness in my speech and actions. Kindness to family and to strangers. Kindness towards myself. Small specific acts that I can do every day that build on that action word. I want to bring a little kindness into each and every day. Sure I want to learn to kite board, I want to go to more hula hoop meet-ups, I want to grow my business and take a road trip, but in all of those things, I want to be mindful and I want to seek out opportunities to act with kindness. A gentle word to a little one, a small gift for a stranger, a helpful hand for my parents, and maybe giving my awesome husband the last word (maybe….I’m not a total saint!) Last year I started ‘make someone happy Monday’ where I do a small act for someone (write a card, send flowers, take someone out to lunch) which has been really fun and probably ended up making my Mondays more happy than anyone else! I’d love to keep that up for 2017 and add to it. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them! So CHEERS to a New Year and a brand new start. Wishing you love, blessings and so much kindness in 2017!                   And I want to remember this quote…..

Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you. ~walt whitman

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Trying to use the 10 second self timer in the snow… a pretty good challenge which is why I ended up with my arm just wonky. I also ended up wet, sweaty and I think there was a well placed ‘fudgey fudge’ in there somewhere. HA!

What can I say about these two!? Only that they are fun, kind, excited for their future and OH- SO-IN-LOVE! Documenting this winter wedding for Nathan and Jessamyn was a complete privilege. Jess and I bonded within 5 minutes of meeting and after chatting about The Big Bang Theory for about 45 minutes, we got to discussing the big day. And what a big day it was! Obsessed Events pulled out all the stops and assembled a complete dream team: Hair and make up by the always amazing  Taryn Passifone  and Emily Scott ,  the union made official by Cindi Wilding, non-stop entertainment by Steve at 45 Entertainment , all hosted at the gorgeous location,  The Library Galleria.  Jeanie and I were thrilled to spend this evening documenting their passion and love for one another in a winter wonderland setting. Wishing Jess and Nate (her Sheldon/Leonard combo) a lifetime of happiness, laughter, friendship and most importantly LOVE.

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We hit the jackpot with this Auburn engagement! Wintery skies and amazing Fall foliage. Mix that with Mary Ann’s amazing dress from Modcloth and you’ve got a happy, happy photographer! I met up with these two at the courthouse steps in Auburn, Ca. We then ventured over to the Old Town Pizza, where their memorable and obviously successful first date took place. The day was a little blustery but that just made it all the better for my three favorite things… squeezing, snuggling and squishing! These two had such a sweet way with one another and I’m really looking forward to their February wedding.


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Gold Hill Gardens was the perfect backdrop for Kylee and Wes’s summer wedding.  These two met while working at a cafe long ago and have been by each other’s side ever since. It was such a wonderful day witnessing them commit to loving each other while surrounded by friends and loved ones.  Much love and happiness to you both Mr. and Mrs. Staples! <3

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