• I’m Jess!

    LIFE. PASSION. ADVENTURE. JOY. Standing beneath streams of golden light, he’s telling you a secret, your arms are wrapped around his neck and that secret results in a burst of wide open LAUGHTER. This is my goal as a photographer, to constantly seek moments of beauty in light, color and emotion......to capture your colorful life.

    As a result of my love for people and art, I graduated from Sonoma State in 1993 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in ART. Living with my husband in Northern California, we’re recent empty nesters, resulting in two over-indulged, naughty hound dogs who enjoy running our show.

    Tell me about yourself... Are you a hard-working mama, putting everyone before yourself and needing a reminder of who you are; a little glimpse back into that inner SPARKLE? Perhaps you have a vision your family cuddled up on a blanket in a grassy, sun dappled field, knowing these moments together are so, so fleeting, wanting to remember things that are SIMPLE and pure. Are you starting your new life with THE ONE that gets your heart beating fast, who will one day know you to your core and be your biggest fan anyway? Write me a little note, share your vision and together we’ll help you REMEMBER. DISCOVER. CAPTURE.

It’s almost Mother’s Day!  Get some sticks and dirt and get ready to make something special for your mom or yourself. Head to the Granite Bay location at Folsom Lake for as much beautiful driftwood as your little red wagon can pull. The beaches are covered! We collected quite a bit on Friday. Saturday, along with our driftwood; we had shells, air plants, succulents and mimosas. After heating up the glue gun, we went to work. Once rolling, I was amazed to see what amazing artwork my creative friends came up with. Some were tiny, adorable and simple and some pretty elaborate. If you need even more ideas, go on Pinterest and search driftwood, air plant projects and get making.

mother mother Mother

Shyann, a Roseville Senior, is driven, hard working and has a bright future.  I sure loved photographing her and enjoyed lots of laughs with her and her mom during our session.


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The Rising Tide Society  is a ‘community of creatives for creatives.’  It started with a group of like-minded friends gathered together discussing the challenges and isolation that comes along with being a creative entrepreneur and developed into an international society. The objective of this amazing group is to promote ‘community over competition’ and inspired by JFK’s quote, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

There are currently over 400 local chapters internationally and meet the second Tuesday of the month. Appropriately named, Tuesdays Together.  A good friend of mine and I recently decided to take over our Sacramento chapter as our current leader started a new and time consuming job. We gather once a month for coffee and a chat. It’s a chance to join with one another, talk about ideas, goals and issues surrounding our unique work situation. To help kick start our conversations, each month The Rising Tide Society provides us with new topic, such as finances, social media skills or organization. But for me, the beauty of our Tuesdays Together is the real life connections I can make in an often secluded situation. It’s an opportunity to learn from my peers, share knowledge and support each other.

Honestly, I spend a lot of time in my jammies with a coffee behind my computer. Kind of like, RIGHT NOW. I edit, I reach out to clients, edit more, work on my social media, blog, etc etc. I’m a definite people person. I’m an ENFP and if you don’t know what that is, take a personality quiz right here. Bottom line, I need to be around people and I need to connect face to face. This is a perfect opportunity to meet other like minded creative people in my area. To connect, inspire and support.

Are you making a living as a creative entrepreneur in the Sacramento area? Are you needing to get out from behind your computer and build relationships with other like- minded people?  Do you support the idea of ‘community over competition?’ Come check us out.  Here’s a link to our group and where you can find out what  Tuesdays Together Sacramento  is all about.

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“On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks.”  H. Allen Smith
“Candy is natures way of making up for Mondays.” Unknown                                                                                                                 “There are no miracles on Mondays.” Amy Neftzger

All men are created jerks? No miracles? As a sugar freak, I do like the one about candy though. Look up quotes about Monday and you’ll be hard pressed to find something positive.  And it’s no surprise why.  We wake up early, back to a job we may not enjoy, the ‘grindstone’, traffic, homework, life responsibilities.  It makes sense.  But I also subscribe to Henry Ward Beechers thoughts that ‘The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.’ There’s nothing more common than a Monday.  We get one every week right? And almost every week, we hate it.

Last year, feeling a little empty, a bit lack luster and without a lot of motivation, I started trying to implement little things in my life to generate happiness. I got a little better about going to yoga, I was committed to expressing gratitude on the regular, playing music, lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, eating healthier food. But one of the best things I did for my OWN happiness was to start ‘make someone happy Monday’ If this is the hardest day of the week for a lot of people, why not try to make it just a tiny bit better? I try (and sometimes forget) to do a small purposeful act of kindness every Monday for a friend, family member or stranger. I’m not saying I don’t try to be kind all week or help people when needed, but every Monday, I sit and think.. ‘what can I do today? What would make someone happy?’ I carry around gift cards in small denominations to hand out, I may write a letter or send a gift to someone out of town, I’ve bought flowers and handed them to a stranger in the parking lot.

It’s hard for me to say.. ‘look at me, look at this good thing I think I’m doing’! That’s not my purpose here. I’ve been inspired by things I’ve read that other people are doing. I’ve been motivated in the past by things that I would have never thought of. Like putting out snacks and drinks for delivery drivers at Christmas. This resonated with me since all of my work orders and gifts are coming then and I can have drivers dropping off up to 4 times a day. I LOVED this idea and it was easy to implement. I read about a couple that instead of having  a wedding reception, traveled around all 50 states to do an act of kindness in each state. How cool is that?  I’m sharing this, because by saying it out loud, it helps me stay accountable. I also would love it if it inspired someone else to make Monday a day they purposefully do an act of kindness. It’s a great way to start off the week. I also want to hear what other people are doing! I love getting new ideas and inspiration. If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram  and hash tag #makesomeonehappymonday and tag me..  @jessicagiblin  Let’s inspire each other! Happy Monday my friends! Here’s to a happy week!
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Deidra’s HMU by the always amazing Christi Reynolds.

I came across a Staghorn Fern on Pinterest and I fell in love.  I enjoy bringing the outdoors in and these kind of have a ‘mounted deer’ vibe without the sad eyes. Our bedroom just got a coat of fresh white paint and I was wanting to bring some lush, green elements into our room. There are a few good YouTube tutorials too on how to mount these cool little plants.  They need to be in a bright environment but without direct sun. Staghorns seem to be pretty easy to maintain and just need to be soaked about once a week. Maybe a mist here and there. I used a treated wood in an effort to cut down on mildew. Cedar should work well too.  To get started get everything you need together…

  • A wooden board ( I used a box I found at Ross and broke it apart to have two boards)
  • Bowl or plate for tracing ( I skipped this because I don’t care if it’s perfectly round)
  • Hammer
  • Nails (stainless or galvanized to prevent rust)
  • Florist Wire or coated wire
  • 1 potted staghorn fern
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • A picture hanger if needed ( I didn’t need one this time since my box lip had a ‘lip’)

Get your materials ready while you soak your Sphagnum Moss . You’ll want to soak it while you’re arranging the nails etc.

When nailing in your nails, make sure they’re pretty evenly spaced to a half circle and sticking out far enough you can wrap wire around them. I used small nails with the bigger head. Make your circle about 2-3 inches wider than your root ball. I don’t think they have to be perfect since the moss will cover them.

Knock off your extra dirt and loosen the roots.

Squeeze extra water out your moss and lay it on your board, kind of making  a little pocket at the bottom to set your plant. I was making two at a time and this board is the top from the box while the other is the back. I put down a layer of moss, then the plant, then more moss on top. 

Wrap your wire around one nail several times and then start criss crossing back and forth making sure you hit each nail. Keep going until you’ve wrapped around each nail and the moss and plant is secure. Wrap around your final nail several times before clipping your wire.

And voila! Here’s our cute little plant, ready to hang. Easy peasy.

I paired it with a cool basket I found at Ross too. I added a little bit of moss and an air plant. Now I’ll see how I do keeping it alive!  Happy DYI.