• I’m Jess!

    LIFE. PASSION. ADVENTURE. JOY. Standing beneath streams of golden light, he’s telling you a secret, your arms are wrapped around his neck and that secret results in a burst of wide open LAUGHTER. This is my goal as a photographer, to constantly seek moments of beauty in light, color and emotion......to capture your colorful life.

    As a result of my love for people and art, I graduated from Sonoma State in 1993 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in ART. Living with my husband in Northern California, we’re recent empty nesters, resulting in two over-indulged, naughty hound dogs who enjoy running our show.

    Tell me about yourself... Are you a hard-working mama, putting everyone before yourself and needing a reminder of who you are; a little glimpse back into that inner SPARKLE? Perhaps you have a vision your family cuddled up on a blanket in a grassy, sun dappled field, knowing these moments together are so, so fleeting, wanting to remember things that are SIMPLE and pure. Are you starting your new life with THE ONE that gets your heart beating fast, who will one day know you to your core and be your biggest fan anyway? Write me a little note, share your vision and together we’ll help you REMEMBER. DISCOVER. CAPTURE.

Thank you Adam and Carly for the absolute honor of photographing your wedding. Jeanie and I so enjoyed the love, laughter and fun that so present throughout your whole day. Thank you Gold Hill Gardens for the wonderful hospitality, Taryn for the gorgeous make-up and I Do Florals for the pretty, pretty flowers. Beat Fleet DJs  kept the party going and I LOVE working with them. It takes a team to create a magical wedding and I think Carly and Adam put together a great one! Wishing you much love and laughter in your journey through life together! <3


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These two just glow. The excitement they share in  meeting their new baby boy is so evident. Cannot wait to see and share the adventure they will have in starting their new and lovely family. Much love to them all! Baby Beckett I can’t wait to snuggle and squish you! <3


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Sometimes clients come to me with an idea so great, I can’t say no. Even if I have no clue how I’m going to accomplish said great idea. Missy’s husband’s birthday was around the corner; a true creative, this guy has everything. As Missy so eloquently stated “I’m like, what the f*ck do I get him for his birthday??”  One of his favorite artists is  Todd White. Below is one of his favorite Todd White paintings.  Missy decided she’d like to re-create it and enlisted my help. We also asked Jill Briggs from Beauty Box Make Up Arts to get in on the action.  What fun to do something so out of my box creatively and professionally. I love our results and he did too.  Great surprise, Missy!

IMG_0298 copy IMG_0397

Sweet, kind, friendly and so excited to be married… Morgan and Evan made their love official in January at the Sequoia Mansion Inn in Placerville, CA.  It was a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky day and the mansion was the perfect setting for a grand celebration. Wishing Mr. and Mrs. Burns a lifetime of love and happiness!

Enjoy these images from their wedding album. I love the clean design of Fundy album designs and use it for all my albums.


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All SHE wanted to do is create a photograph for her husband. He has a favorite painting and she had the brilliant idea to remake it with herself as the subject. We collaborated together trying our best to recreate it for him for his birthday. (more on that awesome project later) MY thought was … ‘hey… you’re already paying for hair and make up by the amazing Jill at Beauty Box Make Up Arts  and for a whole session, bring a few more things and we’ll take additonal photos.’  Talk about getting out of her comfort zone! We were completely laughing by the time we got the the “in the sheets” portion of her session because this is totally NOT what she signed up for.  Miss B is gorgeous, luminous and just an amazing woman; how could I not want to keep photographing her? She was a such great sport and I’m pretty sure her husband was appreciative of her extra efforts. Happy Birthday Mr. B.  Stay tuned for part 2. More about her incedible idea.


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